The Malta Law Academy is a Foundation of the Chamber of Advocates;set up in September 2013 with the following aims:

a.  For the advancement of legal and related studies;

b.  To help educate the legal and other professions in legal and related studies and to keep the legal profession updated, from time to time, about legal developments in various fields in order to equip lawyers with the necessary tools in order to be in the position to offer the optimal legal services to their clients;

c.  To publish books, journals, magazines, newsletters and other material on various legal subjects;

d.  To organise conferences, seminars, courses, symposia, conventions and for a on various legal and related topics;

e.  To generate, collect and disseminate information on all matters connected with the purposes of the Foundation.

f.  To encourage volunteers to participate in the implementation of its projects;

g.  To raise money through sponsorships, endowments, donations and fund-raising activities to fund its projects; and

h.  To carry out such activities as may be ancillary to the above or as may be necessary or desirable to achieve the above purposes. 

The Malta Law Academy was set up as a social purpose foundation and registered as a voluntary and non-profit making organisation which is independent and autonomous of the Government of Malta.

A Board of five Administrators is responsible for determining the policies of the Foundation and deciding on projects, programmes, initiatives or activities. It is assisted by an Advisory Board responsible for the long term view of the Foundation, and whose purpose it is to recommend projects and functions to be concluded and objectives to be achieved during the following year. 

The Advisory Board for 2016 is made up of the following:

Dr George Hyzler

Dr Reuben Balzan

Dr Ann Fenech

Dr Neville Gatt

Dr Kris Borg

Dr David Fabri

Dr Richard Camilleri

Dr Antonio Ghio

Dr Stefano Filletti